Friday, February 7, 2014

Sing! (January 15, 2014)

Sing !
January 15, 2014

“Searched all over... couldn't find nobody
I looked high and low... still couldn't find nobody
Nobody greater... nobody greater... nobody greater than you

Nobody can heal... like you can
Oh most holy one you are the Great I Am
Awesome in all your ways and mighty is your hand
You are He who carried out redemption's plan
You are He who carried out redemption's plan”

– Nobody Greater (Vashawn Mitchell)

My heart has been singing.  I’m excited!  My final chemotherapy session was scheduled for January 14, 2014.  The day arrived and Whitney is with me (my own personal paparazzi).  Nobody greater than you Jesus!  My excitement is really about my trust.  I don’t have to wait for the results of my upcoming CAT scan.  I have already claimed my healing.  I stand here on three little words… faith, trust and praise.  Where is God?  He’s still here… with me!  How can I say that when God allowed this “bad thing” to happen to me?  My sister talked about the sermon of the beauty of the orange; however, to really enjoy the orange it must be squeezed!  I’m being squeezed so my light can shine. J  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16

My excitement is also about finally eating the 25 lbs. of pineapple, 10 lbs. of honey dew melon and cantaloupe and all the undercooked/raw vegetables/fruit and wheat/grains I can eat.  These were my banned substances during this journey.  The things I now crave the most.

My excitement is about leaving behind the side effects of these drugs.  The neuropathy (big word I learned from my sister) is all the nerve ending tingling and numbness in my hands and feet I previously mentioned, that has me limping like my 86-year old mother.  It’s painful!  I now feel what she is going through with her diabetes – we won’t even talk about her arthritis pains.  The bone-weary feeling that I must work through to continue with my job.  The sleepless nights that have allowed me to master levels of Candy Crush.   Finally, my hair can begin to grow back. 

I must tell you though that all of you simply ROCK!!  My husband, my prayer warriors, my compadres, my friends, my intercessors!  Many of you I’ve never met!  You are all my angels; Terry, who showed up on Christmas day with trays of food for my entire family (this made Nigel very happy because he was not feeling spaghetti on Christmas day); Nick, walking into the chemo building can be a depressing reality, but your smile, your hugs and your prayers are always on time; my family, co-workers, my Sloan-Kettering family and my sisters (Barbara, Cheryl, Sandra, Claudette, Sharmaine, Jenny – some of you are from other families, but I’ve claimed you).  That you would all take the time to say a prayer for me and you continue to call, text and email me with an encouraging word.  Thank you!


  1. *Singing* "Won't he make you clean, inside. Won't he make you clean, inside." Congrats on closing a chapter in your book of life. You are a true survivor.

  2. The Sermon of the beauty of an orange - WOW! This blog made me laugh and smile. You're faith is unbelievable and encouraging! You're such a strong woman! I am ecstatic this is all over for you!!! LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE!!!! Love you Yvette so much!! May God continue to Bless you in every way!

    1. Much appreciated Diana - love you right back! Next, I want my light to shine close to sand and salt water :-)